Queer f* Heavy Metal

Welcome to Qf*HeavyMetal.  This is my home base for all things queer heavy metal!  Overall, this site has three major goals:

1.  Queer f*ans of heavy metal: I’ll use this page as a base to post information about my research on queer fans of heavy metal.  I’ve been privileged to hear from over 500 queer fans from around the world, telling me their thoughts about and experiences in heavy metal.  Queer fans, like myself and all my gracious informants, are everywhere in the metal scenes of the world!  Check here for information from the survey of queer metal fans, and for information about my work as it continues.

The survey is still active until December 31.  Click here to take the survey:

2.  Queer f***ing heavy metal:  Look, there are lots of GLBTTQQIA+ metal performers out there.  Some you know, some you don’t.  There’s a lot of both hard and heavy music out there by queer folks, not to mention a rich history of queer involvement and influence in rock and metal music.   For example, consider transgender artists.  The American radio and pop music community was incredulous when Laura Jane Grace (born Tom Gabel), lead singer for the pop-punk bad Against Me!, came out as transgendered this year in Rolling Stone.  But metal has been the home of trans artists- including Marissa Martinez of Cretin, Mina Caputo of Life of Agony, and the band Mechanical Black to name only three- for a long time.   Trans performances such as “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” feature hard rock and heavy metal.  As I said at a conference in March, even Gaahl of Gorgoroth has come out- queer people are everywhere on the metal stage.  To quote a Nirvana classic, everyone is gay.

Check out Mechanical Black’s ballad “Together in Electric Dreams”

3.  Queer f*ixtures of heavy metal:  We’ve all heard the stories or seen the posts about Kerry King calling people fags, or maybe you remember the infamous “AIDS Kills Fags Dead” t-shirt that Sebastian Bach wore in the 1980s.  The fact is, the idea that metal is inherently homophobic is not accurate.  Queer folks are a fixture in metal scenes; in fact, metal has us to thank for leather and spikes, for the L.A. glam look of the Sunset Strip, and  rock gods such as Freddie Mercury, Rob Halford and Joan Jett who helped bring hard rock and heavy metal to prominence.   Or consider industrial metal:  Rammstein’s overt BDSM, Marilyn Manson’s genderfuck. And there’s still homocore, queercore, riot grrls, goth metal- the list goes on and on.  In other words: we’re here, we’re queer, we’re all over hard rock and heavy metal.

I’ll start posting stories, research materials, and news from the hard rock and heavy metal.    Until then, \w/.


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